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In 1492, the Catholic Kingdom approved the Alhambra Edict, a law Edict that ordered the deportation of all unconverted practising Jews from Castilla and Aragon Kingdoms, those people also lost all their lands and possessions. The main purpose of the deportation was to rid the influence of unconverted Jews on the new Christian convert. 

Five years later, under pressures, King Manuel I of Portugal decreed that all Jews should convert to Christianity or leave the country.

On 11th June 2015, the Congress of Deputies approved the law of Spanish nationality, which allowed Sephardic descendants whose families had been expelled from the peninsula in 1492 to obtain Spanish nationality.

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  • Complete paperwork in the Spanish Ministry of Justice.
  • One to one meetings with the Public Notary.
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  • Follow up until approval and swearing-in at the Spanish Consulate in your place of residence.

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I came to them on the recommendation of another descendant of Sephardic, also of Argentina. He told me they were the best working with Jews in Spain and I appreciate it.

Moises Ben Zaken

I got the Spanish nationality and I kept Argentina. I knew what it was the process with the notary but they offered me help with the process and they streamlined it.

Adrián Chocrón

I contacted them to get dual nationality. They helped me with notaries and legal procedures. Now I have a European passport and I keep the one from Venezuela.

Santos Benarroch

Imbroda Law Firm will help you to finish the procedure and obtain your Spanish passport

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None of our Sephardic clients have been denied Spanish nationality once their application has been processed.

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We have been working on the acquisition of nationality for Sephardics nine years before the law was approved in Spain and Portugal.

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Legal experts, advisors and administrative assistants from Spain dedicated 100% to the Sephardic sphere.

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Imbroda Law firm is able to deal with notary and legal procedures in Spain and Portugal. Before the law was approved, Imbroda Law firm was already dealing with cases of European Nationality for Sephardic Jews. In addition, Its lawyers have given presentations on the return to Sepharad in different places around the world as Miami, Venezuela, Israel….